How much More? (EP)

This is our most recent project Originally released on September 24th, 2018. Comprised of five tracks and mixed by casey atkins, it was a compilation of how we felt at the time. Frustration with our home lives and what the future might hold, how much more helped give the band an outlet for frustration and something fun for listeners. Check it out for a good time.


Bailee (single)

This was our second single released on May 12th, 2018. This song exists as a single because we panicked, realizing how long it had taken to release something after our initial single. It is one of our favorite songs to play live.


Lavender kiss

This is our first release otherwise known as “Purple Smooches” or “Indigo Spit-swap”. It is now well over one and a half million plays on spotify (for some reason) and we are very thankful for all of you for getting it there. It came from a place of heartbreak though so I hope y’all are okay. we love you all very much.