Chandler James

Chandler James is the keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist for The Licks. He has connected music to emotions since he was 4, and first felt how much emotion could be expressed through music when watching Disney’s Treasure Planet. He became “Friends with Benefits” with The Licks in October of 2017 until they finally made it official in February of 2018. His hair was way too long until his director told him to grow up and get a haircut.


Paul Haston

Paul tries his best to be guitarist of The Licks. He has always been attracted to making music, but didn’t pick up an instrument until he was almost 17. “The Overstreets” was the first band he started with his friend Santino, later adding Jimmy and Chad. Eventually coming to an end, Jim, Chad, and Paul carried on to share new projects together, including (but not limited to), The Licks, pvh, and Living Room Routine. If he looks disappointed, please understand he has a hard time visually expressing his emotions, and he sincerely apologizes for killing the fun.


Chad Zappia

Chad is a vocalist and guitar player of The Licks. He has been playing since he was three years old when he was given an old keyboard by his grandmother. Chad likes to party medium hard and has his house thermostat set to 57 degrees at all times. We’re not sure why. He began learning guitar towards the end of elementary school and has been a part of many bands and projects before starting The Licks. He currently is working on more solo music under the name “Wydes”.


James Rogers

Jimmy is the funk master blaster and bassist of The Licks. He has been playing music since “I can’t remember, sorry”. Growing up, his brother played guitar in several bands and there were always instruments around. Near the end of his high school career he joined “The Overstreets” with Paul and Chad along with their friend Santino. This was the first time he ever picked up a bass. He joined The Licks officially in October 2017. Meeting the boys and discovering Joe Dart of Vulfpeck was the push he needed to actually learn how to play bass for real. Now Jimmy is Thomas’ mom’s favorite part of every show that she goes too.